Buchang Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in1997, intending to be a supplier of electronic components you can always depend on. For the last 5 years, we've built our credit with an excellent service, and competitive prices as one of the most reliable distributors.
Our main concern is quick and precise information, a quick delivery, and a reasonable price with a guaranteed quality.

What you can expect from us

A technical support from experienced and knowledgeable sales staff each of whom has been 
  working in this business for more than 10 years
various items from a broad line of manufacturers
easy-to-use part search for parts from our own inventory updated on a real time basis.
From RFQ to the delivery, you can be rest assured you'll get what you wanted.

Ma 4410, Chungang Circulation Complex
Kurobon-dong, Kurogu
Seoul, Korea(152-721)
Phone : 82-2-2618-8194
Fax : 82-2-2618-8197
E-mail : buchang@buchangelec.com / sales@buchangelec.com

Ma 4411, Chungang Circulation Complex, Kurobon-dong, Kuro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone : 82-2-2618-8194  Fax : 82-2-2618-8197
Please send comments or suggestions to Buchang@buchangelec.com