Part No. Description Catalog File
TAJ Molded EIA Standard Chips
TAJ Low Profile Molded Chips
TPS Low ESR Molded Chips
DescriptionSeriesPDF File
Trimmer Capacitor Selection GuideSelection Guide 49KB
Leaded and Surface Mount Trimmer CapacitorsTZ03 258KB
Leaded and Surface Mount Trimmer CapacitorsTZBX4 138KB
Leaded and Surface Mount Trimmer CapacitorsTZC03 92KB
Ultra Miniature SMD Trimmer CapacitorsTZVX2/TZV02 83KB
Ultra Miniature SMD Trimmer CapacitorsTZS02 97KB
Trimmer Cap General SpecificationsTZ 139KB
Trimmer Cap Adjustment Tool GuideTuning Tools 51KB

Series Description PDF File
Introduction Introduction to Ceramic Resonators and Applications 379KB
CSB 375kHz to 1,250kHz 55KB
CSA (without built-in load caps) 1.26MHz to 60.00MHz 100KB
CSTLS/CSTLS-X/CSTS/CST 1.80MHz to 60.00MHz with Built in Load Caps 193KB
CSBF/CSAC, CSACV/CSACW Surface Mount Type 395KB
CSB, CSA, CST, CSAC, CSACS Automotive Grade Type 344KB
Resonato Washing Conditions for Resonators 31KB